Card Dart Board

The “Card Dart Board” has a target area for evey card in the deck, including a single joker area. Having this many targets, and so accomodatingly named, leaves dozens and dozens of gaming possibilities open. If there’s a card game you can think of, you can probably translate it into a dart game on this board.

If you have a deck of cards to go along with this board, you’ve probably doubled the possiblities. Simply draw a card, and hit the corresponding target. Or draw a hand of 5 or 7 cards, first to kill his hand by hitting the targets wins.

I had thought that boards like this would soon be a thing of the past, but apparently there’s a guy on Etsy making custom boards, and he has two different versions of a card dartboard. One is “for more advanced players”.

In taking a quick look at them, they’re actually cork boards, so I’m not expecting the near life-long durability that you could get from an ingrain board. But, for the game room that really only sees action after the second football game on Thanksgiving turns into a blowout, it may be quite the fun time!

For what it’s worth, he goes by “Handmade Dartboards”.

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