Sports R Fun

Another set of darts I found were packaged in the plastic bubble/cardboard backing style. I can easily see these hanging ona retail shelf in either a hobby store or a sporting goods store.

They are labelled with the generic phrase “Sports R Fun”, and I doubt that there is a Sports R Fun dart manufacturing outfit somewhere. I’m thinking that they were made somewhere and are being repackaged.

Either way, the darts are the thicker barreled style with a lead weight that wraps around the dart. This is different than modern darts where the lead weight is in the nose of the dart, with the needle sticking out from it.

If you take a close look at the darts on the right, you can see the point sticking out of the wooden tip of the dart.

You might also notice that these darts were made and packaged at a time when you could buy three tournament darts for a grand total of 69¢.

Author: bob

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