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If you’re interested in finding other players, as of the time of this writing, the best place to look is on Facebook. Specifically, the American Baseball Dart Association. That’s where the most timely info like who’s shooting in or winning tournaments can be found.


These are the places that make the boards and darts . . . .

American Style Darts
164 Windom Lane
Paxinos , PA , 17860

869 N Fenwick St,
Allentown, PA 18109

Widdy Dart Board Co
2844 Kensington Avenue
Philadelphia , PA , 19134

Darto MFG Co
1250 Adams Avenue
Philadelphia , PA , 19124


American Baseball Dart Organization – I know their website may look abandoned, but the thing they really do do is provide the American Darts Database of Players and their Averages. That’s the honey, and I bet it keeps them plenty busy.

If you’re looking for current info, turn to the Facebook page they link to.


There is a Wikipedia Page about American Darts.


A friend of mine runs some games sites. In case you’re interested, they are on scrabble and the timeless classic, monopoly.