Ace Whitman Darts

This is another set of darts that I’ve found online. The box really doesn’t give any information about the company that made the darts other than the name.

I wasn’t able to find any company that I could tie these darts to. It really wouldn’t surprise me if the Ace Whitman company is no longer active.

The darts, pictured below, definitely fit the mold of “American Style Darts”.

They have a wooden barrel that resembles that of a Champion dart, which could have been made about the same timeframe. And, the lead weight is in the nose of the dart, with the needle sticking out of the weight.

The feathers look as though they are the “natural turkey feather” pattern, except they have some additional dye. They came out as red, or yellow tinged, in a very interesting manner.

If you look closely at the darts themselves, there is printing on them. Unfortunately, these darts are not a part of my collection, and I can’t tell what exactly is written on them.

I think that the interesting thing about these darts is that they show that there were more American style darts, being made (or distributed) by more companies than I initially thought. Once we add Ace Whitman to the list of companies, there seems to be a growing list of people who were busy making or distributing American Style darts throughout the years.

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