State tournament Senior Shootout – 2022

As part of the State Dart tournament (PA), there will be a “Senior Shootout” on February 12th with darts in the air at 10am. To qualify, players must be 60 years or older. It’s a One Day shootout.

Along with the rest of States, the action happens at the . . .

Little Run Sportsman Club
266 Middlecreek Road
Tremont, PA 17981

There is No Handicap, so all points are earned. Matches are 2 out of 3 games in both the undefeated and the one-loss brackets.

Entry Fee is $25

Contacts for the tournament are Joe Haganey and Kenny Terwilliger. I have their phone numbers and a mailing address for registering. Simply leave a comment and I’ll get that information to you.

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