PA State Tournament 2024

UPDATE: It’s in the books! And yes, we have a winner! Our 2024 PA State Dart Tournament Champions are the team of Haganey’s Aces #1 – Darin Young, Kyle Mack, and Nick Peck!

These guys took on the team of Brian Butz, Eric Hoover and Steve Cougle in the finals, with Haganey’s Aces on the catbird seat. Here are the scores from that finals match . . .

The Men’s Event (3 man teams with an alternate shooter available) is only one of the different events that run during the month. There is a women’s division and a Senior singles Event, plus the Hall of Fame inductions.

This year’s Senior Shootout results:

1st Place – Tom Washko, 12nd Place – Barry Follweiller, 3rd Place – Kirk Wimble

The Women’s Champions from 2024 – Congrats to E&B Construction (4th consecutive) Angela Kroh, Kelli Johnson & Autumn Harrison for their fourth consecutive State Title.

Here are the scores from the finals match . . .

States happens every year in Feb, so put it on your calendar. This year 62 teams participated in the tournament. Not everyone can win, but just making it through qualifiers is an accomplishment, and 24 teams were active on the day of the finals.

Original Post:

It’s that time of year again. States will be rolling starting next week. They had openings for 64 teams when it started, all but a dozen spots have been filled. So, there IS time to get a team into the tournament.

The tournament is back in Treskow. Contact Kenny if you need any information, and Good Luck to anyone shooting!

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