Return/Refund Policy

Returned Merchandise Must Be Unused

Buyers may return merchandise with a manufacturer’s defect within 30 days of purchase. You will be required to package and ship items back to American Style Darts. Upon receipt a refund will be issued (to the same form of payment used), including the return shipping costs initially borne by the buyer.

Returns can be initiated by the email form, or the phone number posted on our “Contact Us” page.

That being said, I’m not going to hassle you over “how many days” around Christmas, I know people shop in advance for the holidays. I just have to put a number out there so I don’t get a call saying “I bought this from you 2 years ago and stored it in my greenhouse, and now it’s warped and moldy”. And I had to put that “Unused” thing up there so no one says “I don’t believe in drilling pilot holes, but when I tried to drive a screw through the board it cracked! I want a new one!”

And really, even if you buy a board and then tell me “My neighbor said he’ll give me his old one, I haven’t used the one I bought, can I return it?”, I’m going to say “Send it on back, we’ll find a different home for it”. 

There are two main reasons people wish to return items.

Reason #1 – “This dartboard has a gap between the scoring area and the frame!”. That’s true. It’s part of the manufacturing process, and is there so you can rotate the dartboard as it wears over time. I use a 1/16″ inch blade to make the cut, so there will be a gap that starts out at 1/16″ of an inch on the right, the left, the bottom and the top. If the board shifts or settles, there may be a zero gap on the bottom, and now a 1/8″ gap at the top. I can accept a return, but there is no replacement product that will not have that situation. It’s built into the product. 

Reason #2 – “These darts are the wrong size!” The darts on offer currently are #1 size. Wisconsin and Upstate NY play games with wood darts that are larger – Size #2. If you are playing DARTBALL (underhand throws with a 7″ dart) these darts will NOT be what you expect. Also, if you play on a board that’s shaped like a diamond instead of a square when you look at it, these darts will be too small for you.

Ok, I know no one will read this, but that’s the info!