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Finally, someone has raised their hand and took upon themselves the burden of tracking/compiling, and presenting all the information on American Dart Player’s scores from the various tournaments and leagues that they shoot in.

Many Thank You’s to the American Darts Database

This is GREAT Stuff! Why? It’s neat to know who the top shooting American Style Dart players in the world are – and it shouldn’t be a shocker that Darrin Young, Johnny K, and Mark Wuerstle show up at the top. But beyond that, if you are running a tournament and have either a cap or a handicap in place, now you can have an “official source” to reference as far as averages go.

The American Darts Database has records from over 110 tournaments and leagues, including States and Nationals. And while nothing is perfect, this is a great place to start. In fact, Nationals uses the database as their source for averages. So, if you plan on shooting in Emmaus, they already know what your average is.Build a Team:

They even have a “BUILD A TEAM”function. Here is a LINK TO IT. Now, you find the players you want to shoot with, and this tool will tell you your averages. So, if you plan on shooting in a 3 Man 110 Cap tournament, you can find out if the team you plan to take is under the cap. And, the tournament director will know as well!

This is going to be sooooo much better than wading through paper copies of league averages at the tournament sign up table. Just have a laptop and you can look up a player’s ”Official ABDA” average and use that. And then if they shoot a 59, they shoot a 59 – even if their average is a 37. Sometimes the darts all find a way to fit. But there won’t be any serious discussion about whether the player’s average was completely fudged at sign ups.

I run handicap tournaments, and I know that I will be making use of this tool/website!

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