Pool vs Darts

I’ve seen a dozen websites that are Pool ‘n Darts. Jim’s Pool ‘n Darts Emporioum, Pete’s Pool ‘n Darts Warehouse, Yahib Shabodnik’s Pool ‘n Darts Extravaganza.

While it’s true that along with poker, pool and darts are the main games of rec rooms across America, I haven’t seen anyone tackle the differences between the two games. And specifically, give the top 5 reasons that darts are better than pool.

So, I thought I’d do it . . . 

Reason #5 : It Takes Less Room – A friend of mine has the ultimate man cave, complete with 8 person bar, televisions, bar sink, kegmeister, refrigerator, etc. Swap that dartboard out for a pool table, and you’ll be left with the tv’s. It’s no fun having a rec room where you have to stand.

And the same holds true for a lot of entertainment areas, after all a basic small bar-sized pool table takes up about 11ft x 14ft if you don’t want to poke holes in the walls.

Dartboards don’t hog up the floor space like a pool table does.

Reason #4 : It’s Quieter – Once the kids go to bed, smacking a rack of eightball for the break disturbs the peace and tranquility of the night.

In my house I can play darts ’till dawn, but the billiards stop when folks put on their pajamas.

Reason #3 : Dartboards Are Lighter – Did you ever carry a pool table up two flights of steps into the attic bedroom? Probably not. You can put a dartboard anywhere you want in a house. Not so with the pool tables.

Reason #2 : You don’t need quarters to play American Darts – I’ve never seen a corner tavern pool table that was free all the time, and I’ve never seen an American dartboard where you ever paid a dime to the owner to use.

Of course electronic darts are a different story, so my advice is to play American darts. 

Reason # 1 : It’s just plain silly to poke a potato with a pool cue between shots!

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