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I stumbled upon these darts when they were listed on ebay. They aren’t part of my collection, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever see anything like these again. Below is a picture of the box, and from it you can plainly see that they are being sold as “Belgium Type” darts. That, to me, means vogelpiks.

The C & L Woodworking Co. that I found online didn’t list their address, so I can’t match it up to the one that is printed on the box. From the box you can see that they would have been located at 11500 Shoemaker Avenue. it would have been nice if they had listed a city.

The fact that they didn’t might mean these darts were for local use?? Maybe not, I’m speculating there. But if YOU were going to put a product in a box orjar (say your home made hot sauce or something), and you went as far as putting your street address on the box – wouldn’t you follow it up with your city/state/zip code as well?.

The picture on the box is definitely one that resembles the vogelpiks. the lead weight is clearly visible as a circle that’s near the nose of the dart. And, the point sticks out from the wooden nose of the dart, unlike a modern widdy/apex/darto where the lead is part of the nose cone, and the needle sticks out from that.

The condition of the darts leave a little bit to be desired, but, I can certainly understand actually using your darts.

You’ll notice that there are four darts in the set, which is another indication that they are from a vogelpik set, since in that game each player throws four dart per inning.

The blue feathers are a nice touch, and probably looked very nice when they were new, right out of the box.

I think the reason why I was happy to find this set online is that vogelpiks are rare. The only people who I know that still make them are the VanHoutteghems, and I’ve never seen anything other than they’re “artworks”. And I say that highly because I think the darts that they make are absolutely beautiful.This just goes to show that the game was (is?) alive and that other people were making the wood darts used on the Vogelpik board too.

Here is another box of C&L darts that I saw for auction on eBay.

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  1. I just received 2 new sets and a matching board (it is a unique smaller size dart board that came with the darts from a friend.

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