Milton Bradley Darts

Here’s something I stubled across on the internet. Someone had a series of vintage darts for sale, and I was surprised to find out that several of them were either manufacturered, or being branded as and sold by Milton Bradley. 

Milton Bradley is a company that is very much into making what we used to call “box games”, like BattleshipConnect Four, and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

I didn’t think that darts would be a good mix with a list of products like that, so these darts caught my eye. Here are a couple of pictures . . .

The darts look standard. They must have been made a little later in the evolution of American Style darts. You can see that they resemble the Champion Darts and the Deco darts with the “natural” feather coloring and the lead weight and needle being made of one piece.

You can see from the photos that those are picts of Milton Bradley’s “Streamlined” darts. I also stumbled across another line of darts that bears the Milton Bradley name, the “True Flight” dart line.

From the image on the box, it seems as though these darts were intended for more traditional uses, on typical dartboards. Unfortunately, it looks as though they have an image of an English board on the box instead of an American one.

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