Last Man Standing

If you do not have a scheduled break in your league, it may be best to do this at the end of the night. I’ve seen it done at tournaments as the night was winding down or when there were open boards, and plenty of players had been knocked out.

Players each contribute a small amount ($2/3). Then, they each throw darts at the 1st inning. The player(s) with the lowest score are removed from the game. Play continues to the 2nd inning. Once again, the player(s) with the lowest score is removed from the game. This continues until there is one player who remains. They win the prize pool. 

More than one player can be removed each round. For example, if two players throw a 1, and a “1” is the lowest score of the round, they are both eliminated. 

You can choose to alter the game as you like. 

This also works well on an English board.

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