Could it be . . . User Error?

I’m cleaning off some of the shelves around here, and it’s funny what kind of things I find that I held on to. One of the pieces of paper helping to clutter things up a bit was a printout of an email I received over three years ago.

A fellow out in Colorado asked for a box of Apex darts. At the time they were still making them, so I sent a box his way.

He sent me the following email . . .

“I received the darts today, but they do not fly straight. They are like an airplane that has been shot down and is crashing out of control. I would like to return them for a full refund.

By the way, I have owned wooden darts before and they always flew straight and they were never like this. Something is wrong with them. The box was not damaged in any way”

It made me chuckle.

I thought of what it would look like if I returned a basketball because when I threw it it didn’t go through the hoop. Or a baseball bat because it kept hitting pop ups!

But I never told Dean that I thought it was strange that the gremlins snuck into the Apex workshop and changed the setting on the one box of darts that went to him, but no other box that year had “crashing airplane” darts in it.

I just couldn’t help but think that maybe it was a case of . . . User Error??

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