Schedule Making Chart

Scheduling Chart

Printer Ready League Scheduling Chart

I’m not sure where this sheet originally came from, but we’ve been using it to help draft schedules for various tavern sports leagues for over a decade now.

It’s officially a “Round Robin” tournament scheduler. So the idea is that every team involved gets the chance to play every other team involved. That’s the same idea you want to use in setting up a league schedule, so we use it for that.

How to Use the Chart to Make League Schedules

You take the number of teams in the league, and find the corresponding section on the chart.

Playing Surface or Starting Time

Along the left column it will say “Field or Court”. We interpret that as dartboard since you don’t play darts on a fild or court. We have up to three boards we can use, we can schedule up to a seven team league in-house.

You can also interpret that column as start times, should you have more teams than boards to handle them all at once. Think of Field A as 4:00 start, and Field B as the 7:00 start, for example.

If you are running a travelling league, where one team travels to another’s home location, you can ignore this column.

Weeks of Competition

The number of columns is the number of weeks you need to run the league to allow everyone to play everyone else one time.

Away vs Home

If you want every team to have a home and an away match against everyone else in the league, you will need to double the length of the season. The second time through change the home team. For example, in the first week of a four team schedule, team two plays at team one. In the fourth week of that league, they play again, but make team two home this time.

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