Widdy Wood Boards

For the longest time Widdy wood boards were almost everywhere you looked. Then in 2011, they disappeared from the scene. Well, not completely, they just stopped making new ones. Although you could still buy a paper board from Widdy, I did miss the old wood boards.

Since then, they have overcome the hurdles they had, and started producing them again.

When they first started making woods again, I got my hands on one of them. The graphics on the board was the same as it ever was. But, they changed the way they attached the target area of the board to the frame.

Not that that makes much of a difference, but it does make my video of rotating a Widdy board dated!

Like all wood boards, they are made from a collection of pieces of basswood turned so the end grain faces the shooter. The center of Widdy boards are designed to be rotated, and both the front and back of the board have the same design. Between rotating and flipping the board, players can extend the life of the board substantially.

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2 thoughts on “Widdy Wood Boards

  1. I have a old wood dartboard. Made in Philadelphia. And the darts don’t stick unless u really throw then hard. Is there a reason for this?

    1. There must be something in the air these days. I’ve gone years without people asking about bounce-outs, and now in the last three weeks I’ve had four calls/emails/comments on it. Gus, I’ll shoot you an email on this, and then I promise to make a web page to address it in the near future, but definitely after supper.

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