Fall Darts Contest 2020

Hey guys! Each year for the past couple of decades we’ve started the Fall League at the tavern on the week after the Bloomsburg Fair. This year? There was no fair, and there isn’t a dart league.

When things change, it’s time to adapt. And so for this season, we are taking things out of the tavern, and into people’s own shooting spaces. The idea is to let players shoot at their convenience, and to share scores through the internet.

The week “ends” at Midnight on Tuesday, and a new “Game of the Week” is announced on Wednesday (morning-ish). Play at your own pace, and maybe hold yourselves accountable to your friends. And if you put up a score that you are proud of, let me know. I am at tgbob@ptd.net.

Check into the Facebook American Darts group for this week’s game and leaders.

Here’s a quick video with some of the details . . .

Fall 2020 Weekly Darts Contest

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