21st Annual Battle of the Bars

The date for this gathering has been set, and it’s actually coming up pretty soon! On December 18th, Saturday , the next Battle of the Bars will take place.

The Format:

They are taking 24 (max) 4 man teams, at $100 per team entry fee. Scores are handicapped at 70%, so you’ll need to have an ABDA ID#, and an average.

The winner’s bracket is best of 3 games, but the loser’s bracket is a one game match. Obviously, that’s a tough road should you have to take it.

Check-in is 9:15am, darts fly at 10am. Where you might ask? The Emmaus Fire Co. – 50 S. 6th St. Emmaus, PA 18049. Phone: (610) 967-1400.

See REGISTRATION link below https://abdadarts.com/tournamentregistration/2021botb

Championship Travel Trophy will be awarded and will stay with the winning team/bars establishment for 1 year. Each Champion will be engraved on a plate mounted on the trophy. 


*** Update – the tournament has been filled, and there is an alternates list started in case teams drop out.

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