21st Annual Battle of the Bars

This one is “in the books”! Results from the tournament are . . .

Congrats to 1st place…Valley View Gun Club 
Bruce Unverdorben Jr.
Bruce Unverdorben Sr.
Justin Brown
Devin Masser 

2nd place…Kroh’s 
Angela Kroh Carl
Jason Kroh 
Eric Hoover
John Kroh Jr.

3rd Place…Black Clouds
Glenn Runkle
Andy Runkle
Ryan Dreher
Bob Miske

4th Place…Silent Disco
Al Miller 
Bob Buck
Mark Rohlfing 
Joel Hemingway

Original Flyer for the tourney . . .

The date for this gathering has been set, and it’s actually coming up pretty soon! On December 18th, Saturday , the next Battle of the Bars will take place.

The Format:

They are taking 24 (max) 4 man teams, at $100 per team entry fee. Scores are handicapped at 70%, so you’ll need to have an ABDA ID#, and an average.

The winner’s bracket is best of 3 games, but the loser’s bracket is a one game match. Obviously, that’s a tough road should you have to take it.

Check-in is 9:15am, darts fly at 10am. Where you might ask? The Emmaus Fire Co. – 50 S. 6th St. Emmaus, PA 18049. Phone: (610) 967-1400.

See REGISTRATION link below https://abdadarts.com/tournamentregistration/2021botb

Championship Travel Trophy will be awarded and will stay with the winning team/bars establishment for 1 year. Each Champion will be engraved on a plate mounted on the trophy. 


*** Update – the tournament has been filled, and there is an alternates list started in case teams drop out.

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