Michael “Shakes” Lozniak Wall of Fame

At the 32nd Annual State Dart Tournament of Pennsylvania, a new tradition began. The tournament was into it’s fourth decade, and a history of the sport had been built. And now, it was time to remember those who had dedicated themselves to the sport, shaping it into the game we know today.

A “Wall of Fame” was created, and named in honor of the man who was at the helm of the PA State Dart Tournament at the beginning – Michael “Shakes” Lozniak.

Class of 2001 - Joe Patsy, Jerry Umberger, Paul "Slug" Makarczyk, Rick "Kingifsh" Zerr, and Lee Bredbenner

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2021 – Jamie Zortman, Dale Althouse, Ernie Daubenspeck, Don “Monk” Matalavage

2020 – Alex Macker, Rich Doyle, “Dorko’s #1” – Ed Dormer, Joe Swatski, Kirk Wimble

2019 – Kathy Karpovich, Bob Shirey

2018 – Charlie Sivak, Barry Watkins, Ken Johnson, “Wheels Girls” – Becky Nealon, Sandy Kline, Meghan Nealon

2017- Marty Blankenhorn, Jona Salata

2016 – Mark Kroh, Mike “Potsie” Kroh, Tim Johnson, Ed Shoepe

2015 – Keith Bauer, Mike Abboud, Steve Repetz

2014 – Dorko’s Cafe, Stan Savitsky Jr, Bob Kisty Sr and Johnny Kuczynski.

2013 – The Raven’s Nest – Alan Miller, Mark Weurstle, Chris Kuehn

2012 – John Kroh Sr., Robin Lucas, Ron Elliott, Jason Lucas, Eddie Ginther

2011 – Dick Keen, Ed Rebstock, Joe Haganey, Albe Bodolus, Bud Smith

2010 – Darin “Big Daddy” Young, Jule Smathers, “Uncle George” Mikita. The Rohlfings – Mark, T.J., Anthony, and Robert

2009 – Keith Foley, Carl Rex, Brian Blnkenhorn and Charlie Cressman. The Rummies – Tim Folk, Ed Kusko, (Joe Haganey presenting), Dan Wehr, Gary Petrash, Chet Jachowicz

2008 – Al Rasmus, Lenny Kislavage, Jessie Richie, Jim Watkins

2007 – John Bobby, Bob Ski, Greg Jones, Rich Desantis and Tom Shelly.

2006 – George Haines, Charlie Mateyak, Tommy Hill, “Freeland VFW” (long time site of the PA State Dart Tournament) and Joe Falatko.

2005 – “Primrose” Pete Polinsky, Vic Karpovich, Joe Buchinsky, Charles Haganey and Cam Melchiorre.

2004 – Ralph DeFebo, Rich Concini, John Petrick, Tom “Bumper” Mulhearn and Ron Hildebrand.

2003 – Tom Andrews, Bob Miske, Roy Yeager, Bob Defalco and Bud Fredreich.

2002 – Larry Sklaney, Dave Dibonifazio, Russel Sutton, Joe Zacharrio and Rick Ney.

2001 – Joe Patsy, Jerry Umberger, Paul “Slug” Makarczyk, Rick “Kingifsh” Zerr, and Lee Bredbenner

2000 – Frank DeFalco Sr., Larry Wiz, Jack Kranchick, John Harter, and Lou Yeager.

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