Greetings from South Africa

Sometimes, the world becomes a small place. I received this letter from South Africa recently, and will be sending something out to Mr. Everton shortly.

“Dear Sir,

I read with interest about the American Style of darts on the Wikipedia w-site.

I play with English tungsten steel tip darts, on a general or social basis at present, no clubs in our area.

It was therefor a suprise to find out about your USA darts style with wooden darts! and feather flights. and the board is different too.

Your players must be good on doubles, also with the triples ring next to it.

I would imagine they would be good on doubles on the standard English board too.

I would like to enquire as to where I could get an information brouchure with pictures of your particular dartboards please.

Also, any photo-copies of darts badges would be appreciated. I collect the plastic/polyester type of dart flights which include company/promotional and brewery related and sports, etc, dart flight prints – when I can get them as they are not generally sold in sports shops here. ”

He enclosed a couple of coasters promoting the local bottle store, “Robby’s Drinkwinkel Bottle Store”. I don’t have any brochures to send, but if you do, let me know (webmaster AT american style darts [one big word] dot com). I’ll be working up somethings and sending out a bit of a care package focused on American darts.

He included some links to South African darts sites:

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