American Style Dartboard - Shooter's board

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Hey guys,

I have some dartboards for sale.They have a blemish. On each of them, when the wires were being pressed into the wood, one of them resisted and bent a little. Check out the pictures for an example. It might be kinda hard to see, so you may have to use your phone and zoom in on it.

I don't think there will be any issues with playing on the board for the life of it, but it's not "perfect", and really once you set a standard why change it? So these are going out on sale for someone who just wants a board to practice on, or needs one for the Fire Company but doesn't want to spend more than they have to. I wouldn't get one of these as a Father's Day gift for the grumpy father-in-law, just to be safe.

I ship everyday. I do ask you cover the shipping, which is usually $13, but can really jump up if you are out west (I'm in PA).
Thanks for looking, send me any questions you have. if you want close up pictures of a specific board, just shoot me a line.
Happy Darting,
- bob the dart guy
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