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Hey guys,

I have blemished boards for sale. Everything about the construction is just fine. All the wires slid into the wood fine, it rotates fine, etc. There was too much humidity in the shop and the wood swelled/shifted. You can see in the pictures that the gap around the insert is uneven or exaggerated, so it's a cosmetic blemish. Still, it's a blemish, and I'm sending these out to home where people will be shooting darts at the board and less interested in wood wall art. (Although I have to say, a lot of dart boards are downright pretty!).

I would get this for a league to run on, and/or for tournaments. There's nothing wrong with the play-ability of it, they just aren't as pretty as the other ones. I would 100% buy this for myself to use at home, and turn the savings into something else.

I would probably not buy this as a gift. I'd have to really know the person and shoot darts with them. This isn't the board to bring back all those and young man memories hanging with your Uncle at the corner bar in 1975. It's a board for throwing darts at.

If you'd like to give one a hone . . . I ship everyday. I do ask you cover the shipping, which is usually $13, but can really jump up if you are out west (I'm in PA).

Thanks for looking, send me any questions you have. I'm at 570 898 2294.
Happy Darting,
- bob the dart guy

PS - I have a small stack of them. The pictures are to show the issue, but each board is slightly different.

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