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Hey guys,

I have some unique dartboards for sale. These guys all have an exaggerated gap between the frame and the target area (it runs between 1/8" and a 1/4" - most grade "A" boards have a 1/16th" gap). That's the main problem, although some will have other blemishes, like a bent wire. Their best use in life would probably be at a hunting cabin. Or if you want to have a board at the camper, but don't want to spend $130 on something that will be tacked up to a tree. Or if you have a beer fridge in the garage and want to have something to do while hanging out. They fit the bill for pretty chill, "just having fun" times, not "we're running a business here and this is a competition board" or serious man caves.

The price is correct at $25. These board parts have been laying around the shop for a while, and I guess this is basically a "clearance sale" because I want that room to be cleared out for something new. So, I'm putting them together as best I can. They're more useful than beautiful, but that's ok. If someone has a USE for them, they can have them for a song.

Please do not buy these for resale. It just wouldn't be cool. Please give the every day "just want to have fun" shooters a chance to pick one up themselves.

I ship everyday. I do ask you cover the shipping, which is usually $13, but can really jump up if you are out west (I'm in PA).

I'm putting some dowels in that gap to act as shims, if they work loose during shipping, they were never glued in place, so nothing "broke". I just thought they'd be nice to have to kinda keep things centered. If I glue anything in place I'm afraid it might cause problems rotating the board.

Thanks for looking, send me any questions you have. ( or text 570 898 2294)

Happy Darting,
- bob the dart guy
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