Darts Catalog

Welcome to the American Style Darts Catalog! Here you will find diferent equipment for the game of Baseball darts, commonly played in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

This version of the game of darts makes use of different gear than the English version of steel tip darts. The dart board itself is made of wood, basswood to be precise. This hardwood is cut, and turned on it's side to create the board. In this way, the end grain of the wood is facing the dart shooter, and that allows the darts to slide into the board between the wood fibers, doing less damage to the board.

The board also has different scoring areas, with triple and double scoring rings both appearing around the outside of the target area. An outermost "blue" ring scores no points, and is the buffer between the circular target area of the baord and the outer wooden frame.

The darts themselves are different also. They are lighter than most steel tipped darts becase they have wooden bodies instead of metal ones. These darts are balanced witha counterweight that is hidden inside the body, and have steel tips that stick into the wooden board. The flights are made of turkey feathers!

American darts weigh between 12 and 14 grams, and their barrel size is larger than most steel tip darts. You cn find several different manufactures producing wood darts including Widdy, Darto and the best of them all - American ProDart from Allentown.

The boards are hung so that the center bullseye or "cork" as it is commonly called is 5 ft 3 inches from the floor. Players stand 7 ft 3 inches from the front of the board. Each player takes a turn throwing three darts at a scoring area, his score is verified and recorded, then the next player takes their turn.

American darts is usually a team ame, with players competing in leagues and tournaments year round. The Pennsylvania State dart tournament is the longest continuously running dart tournament in the world, having started in the late 1960's.

American Dart Catalog - contains pictures and descriptions of darting suplies that are available for purchase. Happy Darting!